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Margy Ingram

My name is Margy Ingram and my horses have been barefoot trimmed for approximately 4 months.

I had spoken to friends of mine that had been barefoot trimming for over 12 months and recommended it to me as I have a 25 year old buckskin mare named “Misty” who suffered from extreme splitting in both front hooves and continual bouts of Seedy Toe.

Misty’s hooves had been in bad condition for years, and no matter how many times I had the farrier to her, the cracks remained and the Seedy Toe returned. I could also see that Misty was very sore and very uncomfortable.

After speaking to a number of people, I managed to get in contact with Bronwyn Flinn who is a specialist with barefoot trimming. When Bronwyn arrived on my property she was surprised that “Misty” could even walk.

Brownyn commenced barefoot trimming her immediately, and now it has been approximately 4 months of continual care.

Now I have a new mare named “Misty” whom is 25 years old and very happy, with no cracks in her hooves. Misty is moving so much more freely, if only I knew about Barefoot trimming 25 years ago.

I now have commenced barefoot trimming all my horses.


Vicki – Beechwood

Bronwyn Flinn came to start my horses onto a program for barefoot trimming. I found Bronwyn to be a dedicated Horsewoman with the comfort of the horse as her main concern. She is very easy to talk to and explained the whole concept of barefoot horses and riding to me in great detail. My three horses are now barefoot. I am pleased to see that my oldest horse, a 25 year old Appaloosa gelding with one foundered front foot, (I have owned this fellow for the past 12 years) now travels well on most terrain with healthy feet. He was prone to shelly, splitting feet and painful hoof abcesses with seedy toe infections.

He was not a horse that could be ridden without shoes or so I thought, even a walk down the tarred road made him limp or feel his feet.

Since commencing the barefoot trimming, along with a good mineral feeding program, he has no shellyness, no splits, no seedy toe and I notice a great improvement in the foundered hoof - with a great deal less width in the white line at the toe and much less laminae exposed.

This horse goes along much easier on a harder surface than he ever did. How much better must he feel in his life now?

I also purchased a rescue horse – an Arab, around 14hh and about 15 years of age. He had been terribly neglected and one rear hoof had nearly been torn off completely. He was also very pigeon-toed. Bronwyn has been overseeing the remedial trimming of my boy for about 18 months now. At present, he looks a million dollars. You would never guess he was pigeon-toed once and all four hooves are even, sturdy and healthy. We ride on the road, over rough terrain, hills, forests etc without a worry.

For a paddocked horse in light work, barefoot is the way to go. I don't wish to return to shoeing. I would definitely look into boots if my horses’ work increased. It is so good to know my horses are comfortable and healthy in their natural existence. Going without shoes is worth the effort in my opinion. The way nature intended the horse to be.


Liz Mullinar AM

I run a healing centre for survivors of Child Abuse which includes a residence for young women, Eva House. This programme is for teenagers who have suffered extreme trauma in childhood. Bronwyn Finn has taught one of these young people to trim horses. She has taught her with care, patience and understanding. She has inspired a 20 year old to believe that she has the ability to trim horses and to be able to use this skill to earn an income. This will be the first time this young person has earned an income and now, thanks to Bronwyn, she will be able to slowly start working, doing something she loves and which clearly is of enormous benefit to the horses as well.

Bronwyn has also with great care given generously of her time helping our young guests to learn to ride. Connecting with horses is a very healing experience for our young women. Bronwyn has the love and patience to make them believe that they can ride and that they will succeed. We are very grateful to her.


Sophie Lee – Braidwood

Initially I contacted Bronwyn for advice on my mares chronic seedy toe. It had been slowly dawning on me that whatever I was doing wasn't working and it was time to really try something new. If only it hadn't dawned so slowly on me. I sent some photos, and Bronwyn's response was immediate. But immediate! She was so helpful and thorough on the phone and via email, spending hours clearly explaining, illustrating and offering practical solutions. And much needed encouragement. I know that she went out of her way to help me.

The main thing is that she really opened my eyes to more important hoof problems that I needed to address. I had thought my seedy toe could be solved by just applying the right cream or antiseptic cure. Bronwyn helped me see the whole picture of how barefoot trimming addresses the underlying problem. She made me aware that just because I was regularly getting my horses feet trimmed it wasn't necessarily doing any good. Things i had just accepted, now I understand were contributing to our problems. It's so important to learn as much as you can about hoofcare. Even if you can't trim them yourself, understand what someone else is doing to your horses feet.

What blows me away is that Bronwyn offered to drive 5hrs to help. 5hrs!! Fortunately we have found hands on help closer to home, but withoout Bronwyns advice i would have remained in the dark and my horses discomfort would have gone on.


Anna - Newcastle

Hoof Trimming - with Results beyond Expectations!

Having recently purchased an eventer thoroughbred who routinely overreached I inquired about pulling the hind shoes off for the winter season. Bronwyn convinced me to take all shoes off and after the initial challenges of outgrowing the nail holes on the white hoof and a single hoof abscess, the rewards are immense: I now have a sound and happy horse with good grip even on wet winter grass/mud who will go on to compete barefoot.

Trust in Bronwyn's abilities also allowed me to purchase an Arab who foundered and showed a pedal bone rotation. Bronwyn has been working weekly with this horse for the last 3 month to reverse the rotation, and a more natural hoof is starting to show. Furthermore, due to a holistic treatment including changes in the nutrition, the horse is in an amazing condition with shiny coat and great spirit. I am very much looking forward to returning to endurance and liberty work with this beloved partner!

Overall, my journey in barefoot trimming and maintenance has taught me much more than I expected. I developed trust in my horses' ability to 'grip' in quick turns and spins, positively advanced my training and feeding regimes, and continue to learn about equine biomechanics. Any hoof treatment is now based on science and experience, and it is great to know that Bronwyn will continue to accompany and advise me in this journey of life-long soundness and good horsemanship.


Vicki – Beechwood

I decided to try out this new product E-Motion Shampoo and Conditioner made for all domestic animals. 

I have found the E-Motion most effective on my three horses. It is easy to apply and rinses off with minimal water use.  Knowing that it is not made from harsh detergents or chemical products makes me very comfortable to use this product on my horses.

Also knowing I am cleaning their coat and skin naturally and helping to deter biting insects is a boon.

I was never a fan of Conditioners before, but in using this product, I have found it to be an effective de-tangler of knots in long hair, again rinsing off with little water. I have to wash my horses with a bucket as they are agisted and there is no town water supply there, no pressure hose of any sort. During the consistent rain this year I found the Conditioner great to just pop some in a tangled mane or tail (in the rain) and leave it there, knowing the rain itself would remove the Conditioner and the knots would not tighten or become dread locks anytime soon.

During summer the Conditioner can be applied undiluted and left on as it is a great deterrent to biting insects. It is also a very soothing application that can be applied wet down to rain scald for a quick and easy clean up of this problem. The two products are very handy to have when you own animals.

Not stopping there, the Shampoo C-Motion and Conditioner for dogs is also well worth having. It is the same product with all the great natural ingredients. E-Motion is muti-tasking. Again it is easily applied to the dog, and causes any fleas to abandon the dog at bath time and get washed away. An application of the Conditioner, will not only provide a soft, lustrous coat, but can again be left on the dog’s underbelly and leg area to help deter flea re-infestation.
How many other products can boast so many uses when one has animals? Maybe you Show Cattle, again this product is invaluable to produce a lustrous shiny coat with a healthy clean skin.

You really have nothing to lose to try this new product and see what you think for yourself, it is well priced and easy to obtain.  Give it a go.


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