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Bronwyn Flinn, Equine Manager of Stonecrest, travels the area far and wide providing hoof care to all types of horses. There are no boundaries when it comes to the clients we serve. If you are a serious competitor or just enjoy your horse as a companion, our barefoot trimming is a holistic approach to the management of your horses wellbeing and you will see a dramatic change once those metal shoes come off. If you are experiencing hoof problems or lameness our corrective trimming can get your horses’ hoof back to natural and renew the ability to move without pain or discomfort.

Initial Trim: $65.00
Follow up Trims: $35.00

Under the instruction of superior horsemen such as Buck Brannaman, Wayne Anderson, Pat Parelli and John Chatterton, Brittany has honed her craft of horse-communication and can start your young horse under saddle in a matter of days, through gentle engagement without force, fear or intimidation. The same applies to the abused, confused or “nasty” horses. At Stonecrest, we offer horsemanship services to help any behaviour problems you may have with your horse away from traditional methods that result in a calm, happy and relaxed partner and friend for life.

Breaking/starting young horse: $350.00 (3-4 days)
Continual training young horse: $30.00 per day
Retrianing/schooling: $20.00 per day

Brittany can provide you with the tools and instruction you need when seeking a better, more harmonious relationship with your horse. A few subtle changes in the way you approach, handle, ride and interact with horses can make all the difference, and Brittany, with her engaging teaching style can make it relevant to you. Whether its dressage, Showjumping, Stockwork, or Western pleasure, competition results will be more desirable if you have a happy, soft horse beneath you. If its deeper collection or a better connection you are after, a little bit of knowledge of how to achieve this in a way your horse can relate to will be an invaluable tool in your competitive journey.
Brittany also works with those who just want to have fun or feel safe on their horse, - It could be you are trying to get back in the saddle after a scare or just not feeling comfortable in your horsey pursuits.

1.5 hr private lesson: $40.00
3 hr private lesson: $65.00
Group lessons: $30.00 each
Day clinics: $60.00 each.

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