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About Us

Bronwyn began her journey as a 3 year old learning to ride on horses with “challenges” – one had suffered a broken neck in its early years, another was blind in one eye!!  Never was there a “push button” pony in sight. It proved to be the perfect training ground for a young girl wanting to spend her life amongst horses.  She rose to great heights in the showjumping world in NZ along with her two sisters. Her Father Varley, became the President of the Auckland Branch of the NZHS and during their years of travelling throughout NZ competing, Varley shod all of their competition horses.

Turn to clock forward 30+ years and the opportunity arose to discover the world of “Natural Horsemanship” presented itself when Brittany suffered 2 broken arms in an accident at Pony Club.  While she was recouperating and unable to ride, a friend offered to take her to a NH clinic in the local area. From that moment on, both Brittany’s and Bronwyn’s lives changed dramatically.  All of the unanswered questions surrounding equine behaviour suddenly became clear and they began their journey of learning to communicate with horses from the perspective of the horse and understanding just how precious the equine hoof was.

During that journey they were shown the basics of barefoot trimming – and after many clinics and years of study, refined their barefoot skills to take them to where they are today.

To this day, they are both learning and growing with every hoof they have the privilege of holding in their hands.

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