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Stonecrest is a centre for
equine awareness

Bronwyn & Brittany Flinn are accredited Barefoot Practioners who have saved many horses from having to be euthanised by rehabilitating their hooves where farriers and vets have failed.

Bronwyn has expanded her business of Barefoot Trimming to include developing a completely natural range of Shampoo’s and Conditioner’s for horses, cattle and dogs - E-Motion (for Equines), B-Motion (for Bovines) and C-Motion (for canines) – (great for itchy horses and flea infestation on dogs).

Brittany continues to grow and learn under the expert eye of Phil Rodey – one of the best Natural Horsemanship practitioners in the country.  She offers schooling of young horses, rehabilitation of troubled horses and horsemanship lessons.  Her focus is now mainly in this area but trims when required.

Bronwyn travels across the countryside conducting trimming clinics, teaching safe riding and ground handling skills drawing on over 50 years of experience in almost all equine disciplines.  Pony Clubs and Riding Groups invite Bronwyn to help young people and adults wanting to gain confidence and safe handling skills around their equine friends.

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